Business support programs

Kurzeme innovation grants for students

The aim of the project “Kurzeme Innovation Grants for Students” or KInGS is to promote that young people are aware of their abilities and skills to get involved in solving real life problems as early as possible, creating innovations both in process optimization (Student Laboratory) and new product development (Start-up School) in order for students to create as many success stories as possible based on the practical experience they have already gained.

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Business School 2022

Business School 2022 is a 5-day challenge cycle for young people aged 14-18 to meet knowledgeable business experts, learn from them and improve their entrepreneurial, sales and presentation skills. The challenge cycle aims to encourage young people to have confidence in building their business and in developing entrepreneurial skills. Here, young people will meet and be inspired by entrepreneurs, as well as learn and develop the skills necessary for an entrepreneur on a daily basis - teamwork, division of responsibilities, leadership, goal-oriented action, problem identification and solution, pitching, communication and presentation.

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Student innovation program

Within the framework of the student innovation program “Promotion of LLU students' innovation skills for entrepreneurship”, students will have the opportunity within 4 months to solve real challenges faced by entrepreneurs in everyday life, as well as develop their innovative business ideas and research by commercializing them.

Mentoring & networking

Good advice and encouragement helps young entrepreneurs be brave and grow. Kurzeme Business Incubator can be proud of an extensive network of mentors, which includes more than 50 experienced business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals in their field. Each of them is an unique walker and acquires valuable character traits. In close cooperation with the mentor network, we share practical knowledge and experience on business creation and development, marketing and financial issues, business plan development, crisis management, etc. topics useful to young entrepreneurs.

  • Head of "Valodu Vēstniecība" Andris Lanka
  • Founder of "Blue Shock Race" Artis Daugins
  • Member of the board of “Norplast Piemare” LSEZ JSC  Gatis Ginters
  • Owner of sport club „Royal Fitness” Aigars Laugalis 
  • Consultant of ALTUM Liepāja Regional Center Kārlis Jozeps 
  • LatBAN - Executive Director of the Latvian Business Angels Network Kaspars Garkevičs 
  • Founder and owner of Baltic3D and Shield48 Didzis Dejus 
  • Member of the Board of Capitalia Latvia Juris Grišins
  • Head of accelerator "Buildit Latvia" Matīss Neimanis
  • Manager of "Windcut Barber Shop" Elgars Roga
  • Researcher at the Institute of Natural Sciences and Innovative Technologies, University of Liepaja Uldis Žaimis
  • Business Coach Tālivaldis Vilnis
  • Head of the project "Development of the Innovation Center in the City of Liepaja" of the Science and Education Innovation Center (ZIIC) of the Liepaja Municipal Education Department Laura Grundmane
  • Executive Director and Co-Founder Artusystem, Chairman of the Startup Council of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Imants Martinsons
  • and others.

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