Accounting services in Liepaja and beyond

Our answers and suggestions are based on years of experience, a continuous process of learning about innovations in the field and systematic updating of knowledge and skills. We can not only protect you from unexpected and unpleasant surprises, but also fins business opportunities in unexpected places. The quality of services is highly valued by customers not only from Latvia, but also from abroad. We are located in Liepaja.

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Digital marketing services

We create high-quality content in digital marketing labyrinths. We build understandable, memorable and attention-grabbing digital marketing campaigns. We create websites & online stores.

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Attracting public and private funding

So far, more than 5,900,000 euros of European Union funds have been attracted to clients. Kurzemes Business Incubator is considering the possibility of attracting private funds and knowledge into start-ups.

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Impact Hub Liepaja premises rent

Get into the same room with entrepreneurs and start-ups, IT professionals, accounting experts, digital marketing gurus, sustainable thinkers, business angels and brave young people. Impact Hub Liepāja offers premises for rent in Liepāja for various events for up to 50 people.

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Business Support

We support future entrepreneurs in starting the development of promising business ideas. We create business support programs for both young people in schools and universities, as well as new businesses lead by older generation. The mentor network constantly shares practical knowledge and experience in setting up and developing companies.

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Secretarial services

Reduce costs, improve the efficiency of your business, save time and get a professional view of record management. We help with documentation audit and improvements to existing processes, as well as initiate new record-management and personnel record-keeping systems.

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