We offer

Digital Marketing Audit & Strategy 

  • content and visual analysis of a website;
  • development of recommendations for website improvements;
  • analysis of social network timeline and content;
  • development of recommendations for improvement of social network accounts;
  • preparation of digital marketing communication strategy (definition of channels, tools, messages);
  • examples of good practice.

Digital content creation

  • creation of visual materials (photo, video, graphic works);
  • copywriting (social media, SEO, product descriptions, blogs, advertisements, press releases, advertising texts, slogans, etc.);
  • email marketing (promotional emails, newsletter emails, email campaigns);
  • creation and administration of websites, online stores, landing pages

Social media network administration

  • creation and administration of social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Youtube accounts;
  • content planning;
  • communication with users on social networking platforms;
  • creation of visual and textual content;
  • add account administration on Facebook / Instagram platform;
  • creation, planning and analysis of advertising campaigns on Facebook / Instagram platform

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Small businesses

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We create high-quality content in digital marketing labyrinths. We build understandable, memorable and attention-grabbing digital marketing campaigns. We create websites & online stores.

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